La Polpa, dressed with Olivia


This project is the result of collaboration with the interior decoration company RBR Interiorismo, headed by Roger Bellera Rossell. A commission from Raquel Manjarrés and Pablo Lopez for the Andilana Group restaurants, La Polpa y La Fonda.

In the case of La Polpa, the choice of the Olivia lamp was conditioned by the magnificent space and its high ceiling. La Polpa has three different and overlapping spaces, which makes it possible to install large lamps and a format as special as Olivia. In this gastronomic temple located at Carrer Enrique Granados, 69, in Barcelona, there are seven spectacular, elegantly dressed structures that seem to float above the diners.

Organic form

Olivia is a lamp with irregular and sinuous shapes. The combination of the seven Olivia lamps of different sizes together gives a great dynamism to the space. Armazones Maresme has manufactured Olivia’s structure with 5mm wire and finished with white epoxy paint.

wedding dress

Berta Uriol from In2out made the patterns for the fabrics that dress the lamp and Clara Jordan was in charge of dressing Olivia with natural linen on the outside and ecru muslin on the inside. Clara Jordana’s workshop is dedicated to making wedding dresses in Cardedeu.

Enveloping light

For the La Polpa project, seven Olivia lamps of different sizes were prepared.

4 lamps with a diameter of 80 cm and a height of 150 cm

4 lamps with a diameter of 80 cm and a height of 150 cm

1 lamp with a diameter of 120 cm and a height of 175 cm

Olivia is also at the Fonda

In the restaurant La Fonda, also part of the Andilana Group, there are three magnificent Olivia lamps, 120 cm in diameter and 200 cm high, made by Jané&Jané Lampshades. For La Fonda, a large rectangular lamp was also created to illuminate the restaurant’s bar, as well as various square lampshades.

Light spaces

Natural fabrics

Romantic inspiration

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